MBSB Waslah

Package MBSB Waslah for Government Employees (AG) with salary deduction of up to 75% from gross salary. With this very popular package you can get an excess cash in hand as the deduction limit is rising from 60% to 75% during the financing period. For the first 5 years only the part of 60% has to be paid, thereafter the monthly payments increase to reach the 75% maximum from your current salary (while you will receive the FULL loan amount for 75% immediately).

With this package you can overlap your old loans from any other bank while paying a low interest rate of just 5.50% (fixed) over a maximum tenure of 20 years. Please note that package MBSB Waslah is an exclusive MBSB package that can NOT be combined with any other MBSB loan in a 2nd account – it must be overlapped in this case.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Fixed interest rate 5.50%
  • Financing eligibility up to 75% from gross salary (following the terms and conditions by MBSB)
  • Financing amount up to RM200,000, tenure 20 years
  • Permanent employment and minimum fixed gross salary of RM700.00
  • Open to all government employees
  • Repayment of loan through Biro Angkasa mandatory
  • No guarantor required
  • Loan is covered by Takaful insurance
  • Approval process is fast & easy

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