MBSB MAX-i Payout 100% – Personal Loan with Insurance. Financing up to RM250,000 for 20 years. Only for Employees of the Malaysian Government, Police (PDRM), LHDN and PERKESO. Your employment status must be PERMAMENT. Salary deductions of up to 65% are allowed, if your deductions are already higher than 60% you can still apply. As no Guarantor or Collateral is neccessary, it is a fairly easy application process. Customers with an existing MBSB loan are eligible to apply as long as they don’t have MBSB Package WASLAH.

Terms & Conditions Personal Loan MBSB MAX-i Package:

  • Low interest rate 4.99% with Banca Insurance
  • Interest rate 5.20% without Banca Insurance
  • Payout 100%
  • Employment status PERMANENT (tetap) only
  • Employees with status CONTRACT are NOT eligible
  • Min. salary of RM700/month required (incl. fixed allowances)
  • Age 19 to 60 years (upon end of financing period)
  • Deductions up to 65% from gross salary
  • Overlap your existing loan from any other bank
  • Repayment by salary deductions via Biro Angkasa
  • No guarantor or collateral required
  • Covered by TAKAFUL insurance
  • Processing takes about 10 – 14 days
  • Subject to Terms & Conditions

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